Products to maintain the high quality of your KFF seating furniture for a long time.

We are said to be able to design timeless furniture. To ensure that not only the design lasts, we pay special attention to the areas that are exposed to heavier wear and tear. With all our upholstery fabrics, you have made an excellent choice. Of course, not all signs of use can be avoided over time. So to ensure that you enjoy the textile or leather on your seating furniture for a long time, a little care is advisable. Fortunately, we have a partner for exactly this, who offers individually composed care sets for our respective collection. You will also receive tips on the specific application of the cleaning products. To get the right care products suggested, please use the product search at the partner shop.

In addition to a perfectly matched selection of materials and their handcrafted upholstery, we focus on the glides of our seating furniture. Chairs benches and armchairs are moved and moved every day. In the long run, this leads to unsightly marks or even damage to the furniture and floor. Replacing conventional glides only provides short-term protection and noise reduction when moving. With QuickClick® we have found a system that subtly underlines our product design and is at the same time particularly sustainable. The system consists of two essential components:

1 A base that is attached once directly to the seat furniture. It serves as a receptacle for the glide and stop inserts.

2 Glide and stop inserts perfectly tailored to your floor condition and furniture stress. They can be replaced at any time as needed without special tools.

Are you looking for the right glides for your KFF chairs, bar stools or armchairs? Through our partner store you will find the right variant and can order them conveniently and have them delivered to your home. Or are you looking for the right glides for your KFF chairs, bar stools or armchairs?

Are you looking for the right glides for your KFF chairs, bar stools or armchairs? Through our dealer network you can easily get your desired glides.

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