Martin Ballendat, born on 26th  May 1958 in Bochum, studied Industrial Design at the Folkwang-School, University Essen. He started his activities as designer and designing engineer with the company Sedus, Waldshut, located near the Swiss border.

In 1986 he took over the management for Design and Technique for Wiesner Hager, Altheim in Austria.

After 10 years of employment Martin Ballendat took the change to open his own design office in Austria in 1995.

In 1999 he bought and restored a 300 m² art nouveau villa in Simbach, based his business in Germany and since then expands it continuously.

Since 1988 the father of 4 children lives with his wife in Simbach. Besides his own business Martin Ballendat works as lecturer and visiting professor at the College of Design in Graz and Salzburg for 10 years. With his 13 exployees he was awarded with over 70 international prizes, among them „Best of Neocon“ Chicago, „Best of The Best“ Interior Innovations Award Köln, 8 „Red Dot“ Awards, twice „Best of the Best“, „IF-Award“, „Focus“ in Gold LGA Stuttgart etc. His work mainly focuses on product development and graphic design. The company works for well-known producers of brand-name articles in 9 different countries.